Benton Avenue Cemetery Association

Caring for the historical cemetery on Benton Avenue, Helena, Montana

Welcome to The Benton Avenue Cemetery Association

Benton Avenue Cemetery is Helena's oldest Protestant cemetery. It was established in 1870, but it's oldest grave is marked 1867. Many early burials in the cemetery behind Central School were later disinterred and reburied in Benton, most without any individual markers.

Please help at our 22nd Annual Clean-up, which will be held on a Saturday this coming May of 2022, from 9 until 3.

Our mission is to preserve, maintain, and enhance in perpetuity the historic integrity and sanctity of Benton Avenue Cemetery, to provide for the respect and dignity of Lewis and Clark County's early pioneers, descendants and friends.

The Association's duties have been assumed by Montana's local chapter of E Clampus Vitus, this is 4 Georgians 4681. Benton Avenue Cemetery Association has repaired many damaged and vandalized grave markers, and this work will continue under ECV. We maintain the grounds in keeping with a pioneer cemetery. We have installed a drip system, and have planted trees along the original wagon road. We have established an endowment with the Montana Community Foundation, and which, when fully funded, will assure a permanent source of income for the cemetery. To raise funds, we have held "Tales from Underground," a series of skits featuring re-enactments of some of the cemetery's inhabitants.

We are a member of the Helena Community Foundation, and will participate in their Greater Helena Gives 2022, and which will be held on May 5-6.

For more details on upcoming work days, restoration projects, and how YOU can help the Benton Avenue Cemetery, please contact a member of ECV. Donations would be greatly appreciated. Please send to this address: Benton Avenue Cemetery, P.O. Box 4212, Helena, MT 59604.

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